Clinics for allergic disorders & airway diseases

Our allergy clinics are for patients with allergic conditions such as hay fever, dust mite allergy, food allergy and asthma as well as for patients with chronic rhinosinusitis and (recurring) nasal polyps.

We offer thorough diagnostics and personalized consultations. Furthermore, we treat rare immunological disorders and rheumatological diseases (e.g. cystic fibrosis/EGPA, immunodeficiencies). We also specialize in specific immunotherapy for allergic diseases and are a centre for the treatment with therapeutic antibodies.

For the best possible patient-care, we are part of the comprehensive allergy centre of TU Munich(link is external) and conduct combined clinics together with our colleagues from dermatology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology and paediatrics. For treatment of rare immunological disorders, we cooperate closely with our colleagues from internal medicine.

Comprehensive Allergy Centers(link is external), are special centres at university hospitals, certified by the German society of allergology and clinical immunology (DGAKI(link is external)), in which allergy specialists from different departments cooperate closely to offer thourough diagnostics and treatment options especially for the most complex cases.

Head of department

PD Dr. med.
Adam Chaker