Diseases of the thyroid gland

The thyroid gland consists of two lobes which produce thyroid hormones that are important for the body´s metabolism. Twenty to twenty-five percent of the population have thyroid cysts or thyroid nodes, which depending on size and number may cause dysphagia, a changing of the voice, an increasing in size of the gland or a disorder in hormone production. Furthermore there are a number of malignant thyroid gland tumours, which need to be treated by excision of the gland and in some cases with radioiodine therapy post excision.

Surgery of the thyroid gland involves either partial or full excision of the gland.

Throughout surgery the recurrent laryngeal nerve is monitored. The recurrent laryngeal nerve is located close to the thyroid gland and is responsible for innervating the vocal chords. Surgical removal of malignant thyroid tumors includes lymphadenectomy of the anterior cervical lymph nodes to avoid metastasis.

The post surgical scar usually heals well. Following surgery patients typically remain in hospital for three days.

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