Sleep disorder laboratory

Sleep disorders can have a variety of causes. The ear, nose and throat clinic of Klinikum rechts der Isar has its own sleep laboratory with a wide variety of diagnostic options (DGSM accredited). The complete spectrum of diagnostics and therapies is offered for all clinical pictures from the sleep medicine department: sleep-related breathing disorders (obstructive sleep apnea), insomnia, hypersomnia, sleep-wake rhythm disorders, nocturnal movement disorders, snoring etc.

Furthermore, innovative new procedures like the stimulation of the upper airway (tongue pacemaker, hypoglossal neurostimulation) awards us as one of the internationally leading centers. Furthermore, we can make additional differential diagnostic considerations in cooperation with other departments, such as cardiology, pulmology, nephrology, neurology, psychiatry, maxillofacial surgery, and sports and nutritional medicine.

As a university sleep laboratory, we always try to treat you competently and with the latest science. Regular further training in our field is a natural part of our high professional standards.

Head of department

Prof. Dr. med.
Clemens Heiser

Attending debuty head
of department

Dr. med. Daniel Jira

PD Dr. med.
Benedikt Hofauer

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